How to perfectly pair cheese with your next glass of wine

Wine and cheese pairing has long traditions dating back to the old world, like the classic port wine and Stilton after dinner. Countless books have been written on the perfect combinations of wine and cheese, like the classic Chardonnay and Swiss Cheese. However, not every cheese nor wine is made equally.

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Wine Pairing Rules

Choosing your Cheese

Fresh Cheese

Fresh cheese is often made from cow, goat, or even sheep’s milk. It generally is soft to the touch and almost never comes with a rind. Goat cheese is the most famous example of fresh cheese, but other cheeses like Ricotta, feta, and mozzarella also fall under this category.

Bloomed Cheese

A Bloomed cheese gets its name from the white mold that “blooms” on the outside of the cheese, making a bloomy rind. These cheeses tend to be extra creamy and make for a great spread and can be made from aged cheeses like brie. These tend to pair best with your chardonnay and sauvignon blanc.

Cheese with Rind

Cheese with Rind is self-explanatory, but what separates a rind cheese from the others is the process in which the cheese acquires its rind. These cheeses are usually washed in a brine mixture, wine, or even beer. The rind forms the outside of the cheese adding pungent and sour flavors. These include some Italian classics like brie or camembert. Other rind cheeses include Parmigiano-Reggiano, and Montegomery aged cheddar.

Hard Cheese

Hard cheese is a cheese that has aged turning the cheese into an often brittle block that is easy to break apart. These cheeses tend to be extremely pungent with other minor flavors like saltiness or a savory taste. They are incredibly popular like Pecorino, Manchego, or gruyere.

Soft Cheese

Soft cheeses are creamy cheeses that are perfect for cooking within a melt or in slices. Some soft cheeses include Gouda and Brie when they are in their younger phases. These cheeses are best served alongside a bottle of sparkling wine, or really any wine that has high acidity content.

Blue Cheese

A Blue cheese is a cheese that is home to blue mold which lives within and throughout the cheese. This cheese is often sweet and crumbly with sharp well-defined flavors. These cheeses tend to pair best with a sweet or fruity wine which contrasts their pungent nature. Blue cheeses like gorgonzola, stilton, or Roquefort are some of the most popular available.

Pairing White Wines

Pairing Red Wines

Pairing Sparkling Wine


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