New Yorkers want nothing more than to spend their lives in their home state, but for over a third of the state’s workers, like Anthony Ramos, paying the bills each week is a constant struggle.

“I want to stay in Long Island, definitely stay in New York,” Anthony Ramos, 24, a minimum wage worker, said. “But it’s too expensive, I can’t live with the constant fear and stress every week.”

More than 35% of New Yorkers struggle to support themselves while the state implements a progressive minimum wage increase — , decades in the making. …

Understanding how to handle a wine glass the proper way will enhance your wine experience

You don’t need a master sommelier to show you what proper wine glass holding etiquette looks like. Although it seems trivial, having a nuanced understanding of how to handle a wine glass the proper way will enhance your experience with wine and impress your elders.

Even winemakers must consider what kind of glassware is best for their bottle of wine. The right way to hold a wine glass or a champagne flute starts with proper placement of the pointer finger, index finger, and middle finger at the base of the glass. …

How to perfectly pair cheese with your next glass of wine

Wine and cheese pairing has long traditions dating back to the old world, like the classic port wine and Stilton after dinner. Countless books have been written on the perfect combinations of wine and cheese, like the classic Chardonnay and Swiss Cheese. However, not every cheese nor wine is made equally.

The culinary world regards these two artisan products as holy. Anyone who has tried an aged cheese or gouda with your favorite merlots or cabernet sauvignon knows the pleasure of pairing. …

Grab yourself a glass of wine and relax with these wine movies.

Wine and film have a long history of being featured in movies before the inception of the industry. Hollywood has produced countless works of art exposing human flaws and behavior using wine as a prop.

Be it the noir films of the ’50s starring a retired police officer hovering over a glass of whiskey, or Captain Renault offering champagne to his guests in Casablanca, wine and spirits have been a staple tool for filmmakers capturing the human condition.

Below are Firstleaf’s top picks for the best wine movies on streaming platforms, featuring your favorite cabernets, chardonnays, and the like.

Andre Silva

Multi-lingual Investigative Reporter

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